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Aura is the founder of NU-U Health and Fitness

daughter, meaning her passion for health and fitness runs through her blood. Growing up a highly competitive athlete as a gymnast and a swimmer, movement has been a natural form of expression for Aura. Movement for Aura has never not been part of her life. Aura took her group fitness instructor course before she was even old enough to complete the final exam. Once she turned 18 she became a certified fitness instructor and 1 year later decided to travel to India to learn the art and practice of Yoga. Aura teaches a multitude of classes, and most of the time the classes she offers are very unique to her own philosophy when it comes to exercise. For Aura, exercise is a mind, body, soul game. She focuses on the physical, spiritual and emotional body in her classes and emphasizes body awareness. Aura believes in the power of being your own best therapist, and in the power of healing yourself holistically. In a class with Aura, expect get out of your head and tune into your heart.

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