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Founder, Elena Tonietto


Growing up amidst the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, my family relied solely on the Earth and our farm animals to provide our food and medicine. Holistic health is all I ever knew, and the knowledge is innate.


I’ve always been active and health conscious but I didn’t realize that my upbringing was different until I moved to Canada in my early 20’s. I quickly realized that fresh air and clean food is not the norm.

It was soon a calling for me, to become a health professional and start working in local gyms as a way to promote the importance of health and self care.


It is a vital factor for me as a health professional to be able to preach what I live. I promote my passion;

  1. to move — have fun with it.

  2. to eat only food that is from the earth — keep it simple — have fun with it.


At the beginning of my career as a fitness instructor and personal trainer I was taking my clients out into nature with the intention of breathing in fresh air and to connect our minds and body to mother nature. I noticed the difference in my clients post session when it was outside versus in the gym. Energy levels were heightened, and a ray of positivity would emit after being outside— every time.


I got so much satisfaction to see how people feel after our sessions in nature.


In 2009, my husband and I discovered the NU-U playgrounds. A beautiful 15 acre property of rolling hills, trees and a creek. It was an easy decision that I wanted to build my own business and introduce NU-U Health and Fitness to the world.


And so, NU-U Health and Fitness was born in the comfort of my own, beautiful and magical backyard! A private playground for all to enjoy— wherever you are at on your health and fitness journey.


I want everyone that come to my classes to feel safe and to be able to experience the powerful benefits of embracing the outdoors and ourselves.


The trainers are NU-U are 100%  dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals with an effective, mindful and fun approach. 

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